¿What programming languages do you code in?

We are certified in HTML 5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. We prefer the LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) and also have developers experienced in Delphi, Java, VBA, ASP, and C++

Do you use proprietary technology or open source? Are there any licensing fees?

We work exclusively with open source technologies that do not require any ongoing fees. Our preferred platforms and frameworks include:
• WordPress - Recommended content management system (CMS) for most websites.
• Magento - Recommended platform for ecommerce websites.
• Bootstrap - HTML/CSS/JS framework for responsive websites.
• Joomla - PHP framework for application based websites.

What image formats do you design in?

Website designs are created in Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) and organized into proper layers and groups. Logo and branding designs are created in Adobe Illustrator (.AI) with vector layers.

Do you custom design website or use pre-made templates?

All of our designs are 100% custom.

Will I get ownership of the code and design files?

Yes. You will retain full ownership of all source code and raw design files.

Am I responsible for providing content?

We encourage clients to provide content about their business such as ‘About Us’ and ‘Mission Statement.’ Our content writers are experts in writing copy for service and product pages.

Am I responsible for providing images?

Websites look best with real photos. If you do not have any, we will provide stock photos at no additional charge.

Will my website be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and other devices?

Yes. We design websites with a responsive layout and test compatibility on all common devices. Responsive website design improves not only the user experience, but also search rankings.

Do you create a logo for my site?

If you do not yet have a logo, we start by creating your logo and branding guidelines.

Will there be any downtime to my website?

We work in a code repository in our development environment which allows us to push changes to production with virtually zero downtime.

San Francisco Digital

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